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Creative Movers:
Our Creative Movers class is perfect for those little ones who want to move and groove to upbeat tunes! Incorporating dance, music, creative play and other fun activities, this class is designed for children 18 months to 3 years old. This class is structured as an interactive session between the parent/carer and child.
Tutu Ballet:
Our Tutu Ballet classes are a gentle introduction to the foundations of classical ballet. Suitable from 2 - 4 years of age, students will learn basic ballet positions and steps in a fun and creative environment. A class for all the little ballerinas! Whilst we encourage independent participation, parents are invited to watch and assist if needed.
Mini Groovers:
Mini Groovers is perfect for little ones aged 3 years old to kindergarten age with a little more energy. Classes are boppy, groovy, age appropriate and to the latest tunes. Have fun exploring new choreography in a very fun and safe environment. Whilst we encourage independent participation, parents are invited to watch and assist if needed.
Kindy Ballet:
Our Kindy Ballet is a combination of our Tutu Ballet and Junior Ballet classes, seamlessly introducing the foundations of classical ballet in a nurturing environment suitable for kindergarten-aged children. Students learn ballet positions and steps in a fun and creative environment, as well as a soft introduction to slow sequences, turns, and jumps that are age and development
Kindy Jazz & Tumbling:
Bop, groove and move to upbeat music while learning new choreography in a very fun and safe environment. Students are introduced to the basics of jazz dance and simple acro moves (such as forward rolls and bend-backs), and will learn exercises and sequences that are fun and age-appropriate. Students also get time to for creative movement, self-expression and improvisation.
A beautiful and graceful style of dance, our ballet lessons offer a traditionally structured classical class. Students will learn exercises at the barre and progress to centre work which will include slow sequences, turns, and jumps. Our ballet classes cater for all levels and abilities. This technical genre of dance assists students with developing strength, flexibility, and artistry with a strong focus on safety, age, and level appropriateness.
This modern genre of dance has become hugely popular for its expressive and creative nature. Contemporary classes will explore everything from floor work to tumbling, working through exercises, progressions, and routines. These classes encourage students to discover, explore and create their own movement with improvisation and creative tasks.
The style of jazz we teach is commonly known as commercial jazz; dynamic movement to modern pop music with elements of traditional jazz, Broadway and street funk. Be prepared to expect the unexpected- our jazz classes will range from sequences to soulful ballads, to expressive, high energy routines to upbeat tunes. We all students, whether they have dance experience or not, will gain fitness, confidence, and creativity from jazz.
 Hip Hop:
Hip Hop is a popular, modern form of street dance that originated in the 1970s and has grown and evolved across the globe. The style of hip hop we teach will vary from age group to age group. The younger classes can expect a fun, energetic class involving common hip hop moves and break-dance, and the older classes will explore hip hop variations from other cultures, including Dancehall and RnB.
Our beginner tap class for adults will introduce dancers to the style of dance where dancers help create the sound. Shoes are fitted with metal plates to create a beautiful, rhythmic mound when moving. Tap is an amazing style of dance for both fitness and coordination.
everyBODY Dance:
Our all-inclusive dance class for people with disabilities. The pure joy of moving to music should be enjoyed by everyone, so we have developed a special class for those who may need assistance. No matter your age, gender, physical or neurological ability, this dance class ensures participants will feel the magic of dance and creativity. Support workers or carers must stay for duration of class.
Stretch & Strengthen:
Students will learn stretches and strengthening exercises they can then practise at home to help improve their overall dance technique and flexibility.
Technique and Development:
This class will break down the foundations of movements to give students the opportunity to build strength, flexibility and stamina in a safe and effective manner.
Beginner Pointe:
This is a supplementary program for our older ballet students, to introduce them to going en pointe. Students will learn preparty and strength-specific exercises to align the foot and will carefully be guided and prepared for dancing en pointe.